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Event log management is a unique action which helps administrator to gather information for security, audit, compliance and troubleshooting & it involves logging and monitoring the events on several systems in an IT infrastructure. It is possible only with a proficient third party tool like Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM). It gives you an easy and comprehensive platform to centrally archive, consolidate and monitor network-wide Windows. It helps you to maintain observance, identify and alert for critical events that forecasts the possible security and system health issues.

Key features of Lepide Event Log Manager:

  • Provides network wide event log archiving to a central repository.
  • Generates a comprehensive report on regulatory compliance.
  • Equipped with long term event archiving capability.
  • Does a comprehensive monitoring & yields real time alerts on critical events.
  • Makes event browsing easy with various centric filtering options.
  • Enables administrators to immediately identify the critical events through real time alerts.
  • Facilitates you to get ability to archive, monitor, browse and generate reports on network-wide event logs.
  • Inform administrators about forewarning for hardware failure by analyzing event pattern for the whole network.
  • Facilitates you to get an advanced track above native event viewers & mange them to achieve benefits.


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Almost every large organization has several configured systems which provide substantial amount of output in a single bit of time. Many things like general application, security and system event logs, events generated from these devices are very important for proper network administration. Therefore, in order to collect data from every part of the network, event log is considered as the most vital source. Event Log Management is possible only with a powerful third party tool. However, there are a number of third party tools available in the market but very few of them are effective. Among thousands of third party applications, Lepide Event Log Manager is the ultimate software that helps you to record event logs by generating reports on the analyzed event logs. It helps you to monitor the network behavior in a better way.

Lepide Event Log Manager (LELM) software helps system administrators in gathering and generating reports based on all main categories of Windows based events. This characteristic of LELM assists in generating reports for Application logs, security logs, system logs, DNS server logs, FRS logs and DS logs. Such type of reports can be generated for a specified domain or particular computers in that domain. With the available options you can also filter out event type and event severity in order to optimize the report information. A central repository is maintained by Lepide Event Log Manager software for the network-wide event logs that can be utilized for further processing.

Furthermore, Event Log Management software helps the organization to maintain compliance and keep away from legal hassles by generating comprehensive compliance reports for HIPPA, GLBA, PCI, FISMA and SOX. By using the generated reports of event logs, administrators are informed with alerts messages regarding critical events that can affect system health, cause security issues and compliance violation. For the whole computers within a network are provided a simplified event browsing without the need of closing the every computer by administrator. Event Log Management software offers a central platform to view all or required Windows and W3C event logs for any computer within the network.

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